The Human Project

Co-Founded in 2015, The Human Project are a physical theatre ensemble, dedicated to examining the individual components of ‘why we are the way we are’. Pushing those components to their absolute limit, until they are forced to break or evolve. 

The Ensemble: Ashton Sly, Joseph Lai, Danny Carroll, Yu-Chen Wang and Rosemary Osmond

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2.0 Contact - Sep 2016

Eyes meeting across a space, a kiss, the sole of Neil Armstrong's boot on the surface of the moon. In a visceral blend of physical theatre, soundscapes, text and contemporary dance, the performers explores how we make contact with ourself, our relationships and the universe around us. Performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016.

Theatre Press With its minimalist set, staging, and costumes there is nothing for the performers to hide behind, and their every move or word is what has all of our attention

(To learn more about this show with regards to Josephs work go to the research page)


V1.1 - Feb 2016

A development of our first show, V1.1 was performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2016.  In this show we took the material of the first show further and made it more physically demanding. With the support of a development residency at Citizens Theatre we were able to take our work on the road and see what others thought of it. 


Rip it up - 4.5 Stars

Radio Adelaide No other show this Fringe combines thought provoking ideas, eye candy, multiple languages and a sense of physical achievement as though you’ve just run a marathon.

Buzz Cuts -  I would recommend V1.1 to anyone looking for something beyond what they might normally see.




The Human Project - Sep 2015

How far can we push each other until we break ourselves? The Human Project's first show switches between the microscopic and macroscopic details of the human being in  an attempt do identify the individual components of why we are the way we are. Pushing these components to there absolute limit until they are forced to break or evolve.